Mortgage Loan Check List

In order to comply with government regulations and underwriting policies, MBA Mortgage Services, Inc. requires appropriate documentation to support your loan application information.

Basic Loan Check List

  • Copies of your last two years’ W2s
  • Copy of your social security card
  • Most recent 30 days’ pay stubs, which should include year-to-date earnings
  • Social security benefits letter, if applicable
  • The name, address, phone and fax numbers of your:
    • Landlord, rental agency, or current mortgage holder
    • Financial institutions, including retirement funds, investments, savings and checking accounts
    • Employer(s) for the past two years, including your current employer
    • Current employment must be verifiable, if employment income is to be considered
  • Letters of explanation for all derogatory credit
  • Letter of explanation for recent credit report inquiries and a statement as to whether or not new credit was established as a result of these inquiries
  • Copies of court orders for any alimony or child support which you are responsible to pay
  • Copies of court orders and proof of receipt for the past twelve months for any alimony or child support which you collect, if you would like these sums to be considered as income in the application process

If You’re a First-Time Home Buyer

  • Certificate of completion of home counseling service. HUD’s on-line counseling info is here.

If You’re Seeking Foreclosure Prevention

  • Most recent mortgage statement or payment coupon
  • Your current lender’s contact information
  • A copy of your current mortgage note
  • A copy of any second mortgage or equity loan notes
  • Copies of all correspondence with your lender regarding your current situation
  • Copies of any appraisals or broker price opinions completed within the last three months, if available

If You’re Self-Employed

  • Last two years’ tax returns for your business
  • Last two years’ personal tax returns
  • Year-to-date profit and loss and balance sheet

If You’re Refinancing

  • Copy of your original mortgage note
  • Copy of your original HUD-1 statement (also called “settlement” or “closing” statement)

Other Items May Apply

Depending upon the specifics of your situation, you may be required to provide additional documentation. Call MBA Mortgage Services today at 888.632.8380 to discuss your personalized new home loan!

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